iLRN2021 Space XR Academy Guided Adventure

Multiple dates

Space XR Academy is a Canadian-based non-profit educational initiative that aims to demystify some of SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink and the Boring Company's accomplishments through the use of Extended Reality (XR) technologies.

This 55-minute introductory series for the iLRN2021 virtual conference will introduce 3 themed Mozilla Hubs virtual worlds designed by futurist and World Builder Roxanne Shewchuk simply using your browser or VR headset.


  • Space XR Academy orientation
  • Create an account & custom avatar (optional)
  • Event introduction by the project designer
  • 15 minute guided virtual world tours
  • Contact exchange with other guests (optional)

To access the group activities visit the eventbrite page at the starting time for the links to be teleported to the virtual worlds & meet with others interested in an introduction to a sustainable energy, multi-planetary future.